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  • Wonder how this would work with the Nema 17 as a 3D printer axis ? seems like you could use it to make a pretty big printing area.

  • my email is B504now@yahoo.com - if you send me an email, i will send you the code tomorrow when I get home. I presume you have softwareserial for the xbee. I had all sorts of problems with memory. I had to put the program on big diet to get down to a spot it would run.

    But drop me a note and tomorrow I'll send you the code.


  • I am about done with my weather station. I added Xbee Wifi, Sparkfun Data, RTC and most importantly, support for the AS3935 lightning sensor located here: https://github.com/THP-JOE/AS3935_Wire which Joe rewrote to use Wire.h

    Next weeks build should include 6) UV sensor added (I2C) 7) Cloud sensor (this is a tad experimental but it uses non-contact temperaure measures to read the cloud )I2C

  • Hey - I ordered this shield in part because it brought out the I2C headers. But the two boards I received did not have them. One I had to use because it was down to short strokes but I really need those last two to come out.

    Can I return one for a replacement with the newer version ? Thanks

  • Lightning working with some major help from a friend. Cleanup in progress

  • Can you confirm which pins are not used ? If I read the schematic correctly ( a bit of a leap) it looks like 9-13 are unused.

    I have successfully gotten the XBee Wifi and the weather station to post to sparkfun.data and I am (with help) integrating the lightning detector into the software. I need one more pin to create a custom interrupt.


  • Any chance of a user guide that shows how to post to the sparkfun cloud ?

  • Anyone tacked on a lightning sensor yet ?

  • So I have both the old weather board and the new weather shield and while my opinion is unencumbered by the thought process, here it is.

    I know Sparkfun is updating the weather board but I like the shield better. Having an Uno underneath is less of a burden and it does make the whole process of development simpler. My suggestion would be to add a second shield. Take the current Xbee shield (which I love) and add LIPO charging circuit, an I2C RTC, and an SD slot. This would take the current shield and make it easily standalone. Xbee for wireless, LIPO for remote power, the clock and shield to store data if the wireless link drops. The Weather board will end up pretty dense pretty fast and having 3 boards isn't a big deal.

    Just my thought

  • I hate asking for help on an obsoleted product, but I have one and I would like to get it working enough to use it.

    I also have the same problem with the libraries... Class SHT1x has no member connectionReset

    I pulled the libraries from the distribution. Any thoughts ?

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