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  • question1 : The two leds should be paralles,then connecct to on resistor. then the leds will be safe.

  • quesiton2: The motor run at one direction(clockwise)suppose the dir pin of LM298 is always high.but you want to adjust the speed,so you need use the PWM to control the EN pin of the lm298. if the EN pin is light is on.The En pin became low,another led will on,becase the reverse voltage of the winding of the motor. so we use lm298 to drive the motor,the leds can't indicate the direction

  • I have 2 questions: 1.About the reverse voltage of the direction LED.The reverse voltage of my LED is small,just 5 V.If the Ardumoto works at 12V,the direction LED will stand the 12V(little more), is fine? why? 2.The two different color LED can indicate the direction? I think if the motor is run fully,is ok. If we use the pwm to dirve the motor,on,off,on,off,The two LEDs will light togather.

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