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  • Tindy plox...

  • Specifically I was looking at this problem for a daft punk helmet a while back and one of the things I considered for a denser panel was rotating the actual pixels by 45 degrees, that would simplify running power to them as well as the data pins would practically be touching... just a thought. Hope to see these back in stock soon, will definitely order either way.

  • Yes, is there room to bore holes between the traces on the 'board' and if not can y'all look at a design that either allows or has holes in between the LEDs? This would also simplify attaching these to fabric as you could use the holes to sew them in.

  • Inflat-a-bird: Migrate, or what? Puffkin: Hoo's that? Howland Oates: Is it an egg-stremely large rodent? Jake: I'm not talon... Eyeballs: You better pellet to us right now... Charles Manson: I've got no eyed ear what you guys are looking at. (cannot read name): I'm the only sane one here, the roost of them are nuts!

    So sorry...