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  • What BBB OS are people using for this cape; ubuntu 14.04 straight from an image doesn't seem to be working. .

  • Waiting for apple to sue them for patent violations.

  • There is only one Metric system, so there is no need to bring politics and nationalism into it by calling it 'French'.
    The naming conventions of the Metric system help derivation of different scales: ... = 1 Km = 1000 m = 1,000,000 mm = ...
    US system, not so much: ? = 3 leagues = 1 mi = 5280 ft = 63360 in = ?
    Further more, you have oddities within the system, for example the volume between and liquid and dry gallon are different, or the difference between survey and nautical miles.
    Lastly, base-10 is used because we think in base-10, not base-12. And the difficulty in using fractional numbers is really superficial.
    The US system is a poorly designed collection of barely related historical units, whereas Metric was specifically designed as an all encompassed set of units. For example:
    Metric: 1 V * s / m^2 = 1 kg / As^2
    US: 1 V * 2 / ft^2 != 1 slug / A
    The Us system fails here because there is no agreement between mass and distance units.

  • People are not going to use Tau (sometimes referenced as a turn) unless people start using Tau :D Same deal with metric, if you keep using standard measurements, people will keep using them and we will not get anywhere.
    I've been using Tau in engineering for a couple of months now, and typically when people don't understand I just tell them that Tau is the circumference of a unit circle and they get it.
    Tau may be obscure, but that is only because everyone has been mis-taught to use pi; similarly the stupid continued use of standard measurements in the US.

  • It's the result of a quirk in the English language which doesn't translate to science an engineering.
    A nation is a place, so something is produced in place; regardless of where in that place it was produced. The planet is an object, so something is produced on it, in it, over it, etc.
    Consider the phrases: "Produced in the United States" "Produced on United States Soil"; as I said quirks, both mean the same thing.

  • I have been working on a goniometric gantry for spatial sensing using an analog sonar and sharp IR ranger for a robot at Washington State University... throwing on some hall effect sensors would allow a goniometric survey of magnetic field strength around a point. If I could find a small linear actuator I could do a planar scan of a field.

  • Something that I have wanted to build for a while is a magnetic field imaging system. A dense planar array of hall effect sensors would be awesome (16x16); but that would be really expensive. But a goniometric array (perpendicularly planar aligned at various angles) would be less expensive (1 per 10 degrees = 36 total). Another option would to make a less dense (6x6) and use a computer to interpolate using a Linear Program. If anyone is interested I have a MATLAB functional example of how to implement a Least Average Deviation Linear Program; this would suit the aforementioned systems fairly well.

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