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  • So i think i figured it out. I was using this board to use a Xbee Pro S3B XSC module for telemetry. Would work perfectly using FTDI's but wouldn't work with my Pixhawk. Turns out that the logic on the DIN/DOUT is also for 5v, so you can power it via 5v (the power pins for TELEM1&2, but the logic pins are 3v, so running them through the DIN/DOUT won't work. I'm going to wire them directly to the board since it's native voltage. Oh and yes, you do need to remove the RSSI LED to get the module to work. Was about to give up but seems to work nicely now. Also the TX/RX are reversed so plugging directly into a FTDI board won't work, you'll need to crossover the TX/RX lines.

  • Can someone explain me the difference between the firmwares? I'm seeing XBP9B-DM, XBP9B-DP and XBP9B-XC. The standard 5v sparkfun FTDI adapter doesn't work without flipping RX/TX pins, so once i do that i can recover the modules and it shows up on XTCU without modifying pins. The modules see eachother but i can't get serial communications through (using it for telemetry on a pixhawk uav). When i flash the XC firmware, i get nothing on XTCU, basically doesn't show up.

    What firmware should I use for just a P2P link on these modules?

    Also if i need to remove the rssi led from the explorer board, do i need to do the same with others? I also have a UARTSbee adapter from seedstudio. Does that mean all xbee compatible boards need to be modified to work with this module?