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I make things with/for kids.

  • I use Picoboards a lot for Scratch 2.0 projects with kids. While the Makey Makey board is great for simply closing a circuit, the Picoboard offers kids a greater range of creative possibilities in Scratch because it can measure a range of resistance values. I second the commenter below who suggests a cheaper version without onboard sensors; it is much more instructive for kids to use pots, photocells and other sensors, and to then map an acceptable resistance range in Scratch. Here is an example of a project I did with kids (with adult help): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1zfwKBuJRQ One problem that we encounter frequently is that the Picoboard will lose its connection through the plugin if the computer sleeps. Make sure Scratch programs are saved and relaunch the browser to fix.

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