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  • BTW, I was right about this!

    "For 2015 we've decided to limit the competition to ground vehicles only. Sad but true - for safety and liability reasons (we can hear those of you who narrowly escaped beheading by rogue quadcopter last year nodding like lunatics), there will be no aerial competition this year. "

  • This stuff is too heavy for aircraft. Look on HobbyKing for multi-copter frames.

  • UH, the limit on most Arduinos is 140mA - each LED on the WS2812 can pull 20mA for a total of 60mA possible from each WS2812 - so, the limit is TWO LEDs. That might be why you aren't finding the video any more, because it's showing a great way to burn out your Arduino...

  • Can you cut the EL panels into shapes or do you have to leave them square?

  • Oh man, I thought it was an Arduino made of candy. Because, that would be delicious :)

  • Sure yeah, but if that was the condition at any RC event sanctioned by the AMA in the US, that event would be shut down. The things we do to keep people safe at RC events are very simple to do, you just have to do it. Safety procedures don't cost anything to implement, but you do have to inform people and do some simple setup things. And, I'm talking about things that RC hot doggers tolerate at every event, so nobody will be bothered by it.

  • Call me excited :) Last year was a total blast and I only flipped a switch on one flight. This year I plan to bring an aircraft of my own. Maybe a plane and a hex-copter, we'll see what's ready!

    However, at the 2013 event there were serious safety concerns, which you might not even be aware of. I would appreciate it if you guys could come out to some of our RC aircraft events and see how we do safety. I don't want anyone to get hit with a plane - trust me, it would be the end of this contest, and potentially the end of Spark Fun. Wrongful deaths can be really expensive. I trust the contest is insured in some way?

    Anyway, if you want to see how to do an aircraft event safely, please come out to our club for some of our events this year. Feel free to contact me directly if you need help - I'm not a club officer any more but I was for many years and would love to help with this. I think it's unwise to make the contest any more difficult without addressing this safety issue.

    BTW, a huge safety issue was the planes could not be reliably seen through the whole course - flying UAVs beyond line of sight is currently illegal. You gotta cut down those trees or give the pilots a more reasonable location to stand.

    Our club - http://www.arvadamodelers.com/ My email - jasmine25011@gmail.com

  • I take a rather selfish look at that subject. I go where the money is. SQL Server is a great product, for sure - I even think it blows Oracle out of the water in terms of performance these days, something which Oracle has been banking on for decades. I wouldn't be able to hang with you guys. I don't know much about open source stuff unless I use it for personal projects. I like all kinds of development, and I've worked in hardware, software, databases, integration, networks, etc - whatever pays well. I'm a team player who cares about the company welfare, but I don't push political arguments any more - I choose the political environment I want. I've quit some really cool jobs over bad politics (aerospace).

    But, as you say, that's the place I'm in due to experience. I'm a Microsoft-stack hired gun. I'm branching out but I'm limited by my experience, as I think we all are. It would be a bad idea for my own company to go to all open-source stuff because of that. I'd have to fire myself and poach devs from you :)

  • So, we should expect to see lower prices now as a result of this windfall of efficiency, right?

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  • Go read EF Codd's original work on the relational algebra - you'll REALLY respect relational databases if you understand it. Most people never take advantage of their database system, thinking of it as persistent storage for spreadsheets, but if you can get past that obvious relationship you can do some really powerful stuff.

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