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  • are you sending a (return) as the last character?
    do you see the status leds blink on each command?
    from memory... (a few weeks since i played with orig software)
    should turn on the motor driver to 50% power for both motors.

  • I saw some comments about the sense resistors here...
    What are you using as sense resistors?
    My applicatioon is sensitive to their characteristics.
    In particular their stability at different tempretures.
    And the maximum load I should expose them to.
    I can work within most limits - but do need to understand them first.
    I want to use the sensed current to infer the load on the motor - and hence the work being done..
    I am trimming sails on a model boat, so the tension on the rope is a good control input:).

  • Hi,
    I have some modified firmware working;-
    * (MISO, MOSI) and (PC4, PC5) reading from a quadrature encoder on the motor (the motor has a couple of flip-flops and nand gates that convert to direction and movement pulses).
    Should be pretty easy to do the direction sense in the pin change interrupts :).
    I dont know how to put the code up :(.

  • 2^12 = 4096 :)

  • I am looking for a GPS module that supports EGNOS satellite based differential GPS for 2m resolution:)
    Sob/ I didn't find this topic mentioned here or on the GPS product pages..
    So I did a bit of internet diving/ and am now aware that WAAS and EGNOS are instances of SBAS/ DOH..
    I looked at a few sparcfun modules for statements about WAAS/ SBAS/ EGNOS resolution and have found...
    EM406-A / EM408 with WAAS resolution is 5m
    LS20031 GPS 5Hz WAAS resolution of 2.5m (datasheet)
    GS407/ 2.5M normal, <2.0M (SBAS) WAAS/EGNOS
    copernicus is specified in lots of detail/ horizontail 2m SBAS

    (and others)

    Couple of comments then - the buyers guide could explain SBAS and WAAS and EGNOS and the asian one... - or at least link to the Wiki pages.
    The product pages could usefully list support for SBAS/ and claimed resolutions:).
    There was a single mention of DGPS on a product page which I think is the generic term for SBAS [new style GPS +lots] and Ground-Based-AS [old style GPS+a bit] so probably actually refers to SBAS - which almost all the modules you sell support..
    So that isolated mention just confused me for a bit

  • I found this page - http://hlt.media.mit.edu/wiki/index.php/AVR_Programming - which shows an arduino being used as in ISP programmer for a ATMEGA-328 ... which looks good to me.

  • Hi,how can I get new code onto the avr328?

  • the text description states "Supplied power should be DC and within 5-16V."
    your comment states a 12v limit?
    Which is correct?

  • i look most days at the news - but am time shifted / in GMT / so the announcements of IRC chats for the day, so far, always been read after the event :(.
    two days, or even more warning MIGHT make it possible for me to schedule an early end of day to correspond with 4pm MST

  • EP2C8 is what is in the schematic at [E5].
    The description says "all 208 pins are brought out" which matches the the datasheet for the 208 PQFP package.

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