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  • What is the analog input range and resolution, both in theory and in practice? I didn't see that detail in the Hardware Overview.

  • The VEML6075 is now obsolete according to the Vishay website. Bummer. No replacement listed. This was only introduced in 2016! Major vendors online already have no stock. Does anyone know why this got axed and if there is any replacement or alternate?

  • This is a cool little display. I am driving with Teensy 3.2 and had to fix a couple of compiler errors in rectangle(). Will issue a pull request. Is the library going to move ahead at all? Perhaps I will try to get some text display going. The slow update really makes this a display with very specific mission applications. I'm imagining using it on HVAC controls which are not changed much and where power draw can be a real issue, if running from batteries.

  • Many people still love the retro look of Nixie tubes. Your base with the knobs and analog meters adds nicely to the retro look. I have an old HP counter with Nixies and an oven-stabilized frequency reference, which goes all the way to... wait for it... 1.1 MHz. Wow. You have inspired me to get it out of storage and see if it still works. Here is a good Nixie historical summary: The tubes are still being made, at least one place in the Czech Republic by Dalibor Farny. You can get a set of 6 -- for $870 or $145 each. They are a work of art: Here's a clock kit on Tindie for only $50 including the Nixies: Sadly the "arduino compatible" Nixie digits, long on my wish list, sold by dfrobot, are now discontinued. They looked cool:

  • I've had no issues running on Ubuntu 12.04 LTE following the setup at In fact it seems faster to upload than when running on a much more powerful Win7-64 notebook. IMO the Teensy loader utility is no more or less creepy than other Linux binaries. Overall I find the Teensy bootloaders (I have used them with Teensy2, Teensy++2, and Teensy3) work way more reliably and are faster than the official Arduino boards. Paul has done a better job of USB support, IMO.

  • The Arduino Article link draws a 404 error - in Russian.

  • JimmiePRodgers site is apparently dead... and has been scooped up by a squatter.

  • Is this part still in production? Tyco reports it as obsolete. We'd like to use it on a new design so need to know if it will be around for a while or not...

  • This is a very cool idea and long overdue (using USB on Android devices to attach more I/O). Too bad they didn't pick an Arduino-compatible controller so it would work with the just-announced Arduino-based I/O expansion ADK. BTW what does that new initiative mean for the future of this IOIO project? Will Sparkfun produce a version of the ADK hardware?

  • Any shields for FIO? Don't find any with a google search. The compact package seems like a winner. I may try to lay something out myself: a proto board and some sensor inputs. I could use a handful of FIOs with temperature, light, and humidity sensors in a couple of projects. This would make a really nice compact package. Some way to mount it all with a LiPo and a way to clip or screw it onto a surface or with a magnet, etc would make it a practical alternative to something like the Sun SPOT.

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