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  • I’ve had no issues running on Ubuntu 12.04 LTE following the setup at In fact it seems faster to upload than when running on a much more powerful Win7-64 notebook. IMO the Teensy loader utility is no more or less creepy than other Linux binaries. Overall I find the Teensy bootloaders (I have used them with Teensy2, Teensy++2, and Teensy3) work way more reliably and are faster than the official Arduino boards. Paul has done a better job of USB support, IMO.

  • The Arduino Article link draws a 404 error - in Russian.

  • JimmiePRodgers site is apparently dead… and has been scooped up by a squatter.

  • Is this part still in production? Tyco reports it as obsolete. We’d like to use it on a new design so need to know if it will be around for a while or not…

  • This is a very cool idea and long overdue (using USB on Android devices to attach more I/O). Too bad they didn’t pick an Arduino-compatible controller so it would work with the just-announced Arduino-based I/O expansion ADK. BTW what does that new initiative mean for the future of this IOIO project? Will Sparkfun produce a version of the ADK hardware?

  • Any shields for FIO? Don’t find any with a google search. The compact package seems like a winner. I may try to lay something out myself: a proto board and some sensor inputs. I could use a handful of FIOs with temperature, light, and humidity sensors in a couple of projects. This would make a really nice compact package. Some way to mount it all with a LiPo and a way to clip or screw it onto a surface or with a magnet, etc would make it a practical alternative to something like the Sun SPOT.

  • What is the true story of using these with Xbee 2.5 or not? I plan to try tomorrow since the FIO and 2.5 modules (XB24-BWIT-004) just arrived. Will try to figure this out but if anyone has info that would be great.

  • Hi
    Over at it’s claimed that over the air (OTA) loading doesn’t work with Digi 2.X modules but here it says they should so I hope to find out soon… since I just got an FIO and some 2.5 Zigbee Pro Digi XB24-BWIT-004 modules from DigiKey. In my case I want them to interoperate with other ZBP modules and to have the features of ZBP such as mesh networking. Has anyone else had success with FIO (purchased here) and XBee Series 2?

  • Just got one of these and charged it with the FIO board until the charge light turned off, then tested it with a CBAII tester and custom adapter, while it was also running the FIO board… guess you can’t post a PDF attachment here… anyway it started out at 4.2V, and with a constant 2000 mA load (C/10) at 3.7 volts it had put out 1.8 Ah, at 3.3V 1.9 Ah, and 2.8V 1.92 Ah. So that seems pretty much on spec considering the draw of FIO running the blink LED code. OK so I measured FIO drawing about 4 mA red LED off and 5.5 mA LED on. So call it 5 mA for 10 hr - .05 Ah more. So the cell comes in at about 1.97 Ah to 2.8 V. Count on 1.8 Ah to 3.7V as a more practical cutoff.

  • Which version of the Arduino is in here? DL 328 I hope? Didn’t see it in the reference manual after a quick look.

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