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  • Product DEV-12081 | about 2 months ago

    I managed to catch some of these interrupts on the logic analyzer. Very short duration drops, like less than 100 nanoseconds. Changed the interrupt handler in the sample code to confirm the pin is low. Seems to work better now. Maybe the pull-up just isn’t enough at times? I found the same problem with the wind speed by the way. Taped it in position and still saw occasional clicks. Much less of an issue there I think since it takes so many to get even 1 mph of wind speed.

  • Product SEN-08942 | about 2 months ago

    I have been testing the wind direction sensor. I find that two of the sixteen positions do not register. In my case it’s wnw and nnw or 292 and 338. At one of the positions neither the 270 or 315 switch is closed and I get a full 5v at the arduino pin from the voltage divider. Has anyone had any success taking this apart and tweaking the switches or magnet to get better sensitivity?

  • Product DEV-12081 | about 3 months ago

    I am using this with the weather sensor kit. Mostly working, but I noticed that with the rain sensor, i’m getting some false readings. It seems to be worse when the units are outside, but I get them inside as well. I left it running indoors for 12 hours today and measured .03 inches of rain, yet the house was quite dry. :-) When the sensors and arduino were outside (arduino was under an enclosure and on a covered patio) the number of false readings was much greater - every few minutes at some times. Any clues?

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