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  • Hey great write up! Curious if you guys did a title page with notes listing planarized vias impedance etc to your supplier since these aren't "typically" processes. If you do would that be something you can show on this thread? I know that for me being introduced to that concept earlier on woulda helped me immensely as I do notes all the time now in my career.

  • Is it possible, whatsoever to have this board running while simultaneously running and i2c bus? I have disconnected the jumpers to 4 and 5 as suggested on the datasheet, however to no avail. I have been at this for a very long time and I'm fairly certain that it is not possible, however I need to be sure

  • Has anyone had noise issues with this sensor? If so did you just do a running average of the data?

  • Strange question, but has anyone tried soldering to it? I'm using this for a project and I would like to be able to solder directly to it.

  • May sound like a dumb question, but wouldn't the Atmega 328 need a external crystal? If not, does this design work or is it purely a demonstration?

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