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  • Product COM-11821 | about 5 months ago

    I’ve been thinking about combining these into a dense matrix but that decoupling cap' gets in the way.

    One solution would be to place the decoupling cap' right in the center of the solderpads, either on the bottom of the PCB or with some strange riser/spacer (a custom cut piece of PCB?) between the LED and the PCB solder pads.

    Using (pieces of) throughhole pins or SMD zero-Ohm “resistors” as “solder pad raiser” sounds like a possible solution as well, just to add some space beneath the LED but surfacetension alignment of the LED and “raisers” may not be precise enough in those cases.

    Would the production costs skyrocket by the addition of components on both sides of a PCB or would it still be commercially viable? What does the SparkFun product development team have to say about that idea? :)

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