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  • I'm a little confused about the 4 parameters recommended to be set in the data sheet for the BQ27441 on power on. I understand the Design Capacity (in my case 400mah) and Design Energy (400mah * 3.7). Terminate Voltage I'm a little less clear on what a good value is for a SparkFun 400mah battery, maybe 3.8v? Higher? Taper Rate, I'm not really sure I understand how to compute. In the data sheet, they talk about using the Taper Current to compute the Taper Rate, but I'm not sure how to figure out the Taper Current for a SparkFun 400mah battery. Thanks for any help!

  • One of the best parts of SparkFun's designs is that there is usually a path to migrate from modules to an integrated system.

    The bummer about the MAX17043 is that it's non-stock from pretty much all the usual suspects: Digikey, Mauser, etc.

    Anyone know what's up with that? Is it end of life, is it that popular, or something else?


  • Arg, this is NOT common cathode, it is common anode. As in, I hook up pin 6 (one of the common pins) to +5V VCC and hook up pin 1 to GND via a resistor (one of the segment pins) and the segment lights up. Inverting that wiring and the segment does not light up. When hooking this up to a MAX7219CNG chip, all the segments are lit regardless of display test mode, etc (a common problem when hooking up a MAX7219CNG to a common anode display).

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