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  • The sample program for controlling the Ardumoto is incorrect. Trying to use just one control line to change direction of motor doesn't always work. Two control lines are actually required by the L298. In the "spin" portion of the code, the two commands happened to be sent, and the robot will spin, but in the other segments, it is evident that forward and reverse of the motors are not operating properly. Lines In2 and In4 are also needed, and are not wired to the edge of the board, but are accessible in the center portion. For reliable control of motor A, use pin 2, PWM pin 3, and In2. For motor B use pin 4, PWM pin 11, and In4. Sent a HIGH to pin 2 and a LOW to In2, and motor A will go forward. Send a LOW to pin 2 and a HIGH to In2, and the motor will always reverse. Same for motor B, a HIGH to one control line and LOW to the other will do one motor direction, and reverse that to reverse the motor.

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