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  • Agree about the on-off switch, but the battery does pop out pretty easily. Also, it would have been better if the leads on the battery clip were a tad longer - they just barely came through the holes and the clips on the third hand device weren't big enough to hold it together during soldering - took another person to do it, but it was a bit awkward.

    Otherwise, my seven-year old granddaughter really enjoyed this and couldn't have been more proud when she'd finished . She likes keeping it in a red Sparkfun box and slowly opening the lid to show people so the lights are on when you peek in and off when the shadow passes the sensor. Best $10 Christmas gift under the tree. See:

    This was her second soldering project - the first was a simple LED circuit with one of your cycling RGB LEDs and a switch from Radio Shack turned into a bracelet covered with colored instamorph moldable plastic, decorated with beads and baubles. The WeevilEye would have been a bit much for a first project, but she was ready for it after a bit of practice. Soldering the IC on the Simon Says kit looks a bit intimidating for her still, though we'll get there. Y'all should try to come up with a couple more at this level.

    Thanks for producing/selling this!

  • Glad to see a fellow Texan as hacker in residence and even happier to see you working on personal UAV tech. Our Legislature passed a really weird law on UAV's this year regulating them through criminal statute and it was clear they had no idea about their non-nefarious uses. Texas can and should be a leader in drone tech. We just need our techies to lead and show them what's possible because our politicians are pretty clueless.

  • Sure wish you stocked a switched version. Seems the only coin cell battery holder with a switch on the site are the sewable Lilypad versions.

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