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  • Bruce Lee ain't no cooler than Crabby on Christmas Eve. Will ya merry me?

  • Easy Silky-Man, you win this ONE WAY trip to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. This is our new product friday Smart Oxygenated Wristband that connected to your lung through your vein. You don't need spacesuit and yes you can keep wearing your hat.

  • You are banned by FAA. You lost the Cardboard Challenge. Now I'm giving you Four Wheels. Don't fail me this time, will ya?

  • Happy to be top 5 in list. Should make a better one next time ;-)

  • Hey Rainbow Kids! Forget your big dirty sandbox at home. Now I present you a pocket Digital Sandbox. Let's make Rainbow!

  • Well, talking about www.dx.com yes they offer cool innovative gadgets with low price and free shipping worldwide. Seems like Hongkong or Taiwan company but not clearly stated. They shipped through Sweden Postal and also provide order tracking. They even separate my orders into several shipments. On the package it is written as "Gift". On custom declaration they declared how many items in it with lower value. I bought an IP Camera which costs $45 and it is written $3.91. Maybe SparkFun should learn how they work on free shipping. But I think it is kind of cheating customs and having low-cost shipment which the company can covered. Yes, we international buyers should consider shipping cost because some parts are getting more expensive with shipping cost and not worth buying.

  • "Wait a second, I can see your hair is not in good connection. Relax. I've joined SparkFun for 20 years and I'm good in soldering."

  • "This bird gets its face-tattoo to join the Hooded Menace as the Effigy of Me".

  • Well here is my idea: an arduino with a sound shield and a loud mini horn are hidden behind a wall clock. Two PIR motion sensors [PMSs] are hooked with the arduino, one facing diagonally to the floor and diagonally left/right from the clock [better near entrance/exit door] and the other facing diagonally to the floor and straight in front of the clock. Maybe you guys a bit confuse with the aiming but I will describe my purpose. When someone detect by the first PMS, arduino behind the clock plays 'tick tock' sound as if we hear the clock's second hand ticking loud. When the person is looking for the sound around and out of the first PMS, stop the sound. He/she must be curious and keep looking. When they enter the second PMS, the one point to the floor straigt in front of the clock, again play 'tick tock' sound and maybe louder so that they figure out where the sound comes from and most of them will approaching the clock. If the second PMS trigger several tick tock [make a counter] then turn on the horn LOUD... GOTCHA! :-D

  • March 29th, 2014 from 12:00:01 a.m. Mountain Time Alarm has been set :D Hope to see Yun for $10 in the list hahaha

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