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    If you buy the complete Actobotics line, we at Sparkfun will literally throw Nick in for free.

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    Sparkfun takes everything to the next level, including casual Friday.

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    Despite the new glasses, hipster haircut and sleeveless shirt Jake just can’t seem to fit in with his new friends…

  • | about 8 months ago

    For the younger learner who might not understand the difference between voltage and amperage and how the battery provides them.

    Imagine you are eating supper, the cook (the battery) chooses what is for supper (the voltage), you and every other person at the table (the devices) choose how much you will eat (the amperage). The total amperage of the circuit (everyone listed above) is the total amount of food eaten, but at the end of the day it was still the same type of meal because voltage was set by the battery.

    This could probably also be extended to voltage drops… if someone doesn’t like a portion of the meal

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