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  • Still troubleshooting - although the code compiles I do still get an error making a TCP Connection

    Error: 4 - Could not make a TCP connection

  • Ok so clearly it was a library problem.

    What i did was take all the libraries in the Utility folder and move them into the top folder. After doing this i got a bunch more library errors and moved the libraries back into the utility folder if they were mentioned in the error.

    Problem was progmem.h wasn't the title of any libraries in the SFE_CC3000 master file so it made it hard to trouble shoot for me.

    Ultimately i moved the following out of the utility folder into one folder above it: cc3000_common.cpp cc3000_common.h host_driver_version.h security.c security.h

    That worked for me, but i can't tell you why. Also can't tell you if that will have negative implications moving forward.

    Todd could you pick up the pieces on these library moves

  • when i try that site i get this:

    SparkFun CC3000 - WebClient

    CC3000 initialization complete Connecting to SSID: NewThinkAir IP Address: Performing HTTP GET of: Error: Could not make a TCP connection

    Error: Could not close socket Finished WebClient test

    when i just try i get the same stalling action on the Performing HTTP GET step

    this is my code btw....

  • Yes UNO R3.

    The ping test works. Here is the result of one just now:

    SparkFun CC3000 - Ping Test

    CC3000 initialization complete Connecting to: NewThinkAir Connected! IP Address: Looking up IP address of: IP address found: Pinging 3 times... Pong!

    Packets sent: 5 Packets received: 1 Min round time (ms): 59 Max round time (ms): 59 Avg round time (ms): 59

    Disconnected Finished ping test

  • Hi Todd,

    Im using an Arduino Uno with the CC3000 wifi shield on top. I ran through the hookup guide and now i wanted to begin pushing information to data.sparkfun. I get a compiling error when running the code provided in this tutorial that looks like this:

    sketch_jul24a.ino:50:21: fatal error: Progmem.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated.

    I do have the SFE_CC3000 library installed. I'm not sure what the problem is. Any ideas?

    I'm on a mac OS X 10.9.4

    thanks, Brett

  • Hey Shawn,

    I have run through this tutorial and almost all of the example sketches for the shield on an arduino uno. But one thing i can't get to resolve is the web client sketch shown in the tutorial. I don't get any feedback from the remote host site but i also don't get any error messages. No matter how long i leave the serial monitor open it looks like this and doesn't change:

    SparkFun CC3000 - WebClient

    CC3000 initialization complete Connecting to SSID: NewThinkAir IP Address: Performing HTTP GET of:

    What does a first time IOT experimenter do at this point if i want to use data.sparkfun? In the fast connect sketch i do send and receive packets successfully from spark fun.

    Appreciate any help, Brett

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