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  • The new batch (red tab, green connector PCB, white potting, winter 2008/9) has some non-minor differences with the previous EPSON LCDs. It works with the current SFE code. I noted these differences:
    The newer LCD doesn’t support the DATCTL color mode (byte 3) 0x01 (8bit) or 0x04 (12bit/pixel, 2bytes per pixel). It does support the 12bits/2pixels/3byte mode (0x02).
    The newer LCD does not seem to respond to the column/page settings (flip and rotate) in DACTL byte 1, bits 0-2.
    The newer LCD needs a higher/greater contrast value to eliminate the off-blue hue. 35 on the old screen is 40-45 on the new one.
    The newer LCD seems to generally be lower-quality than the previous ones I’ve ordered from SFE. I get horizontal banding in the image that may be due to a missed setting, but it’s good enough to live with.
    *I couldn’t find a ‘common ground’ configuration that works with both models. I had to compile custom firmware for each version.

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