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  • “… and that’s how you do that, in case you were wondering. (Giggles) "You’ll have to excuse me, this is my first time teaching this class. Thank God I remembered to bring something to drink!” (More nervous laughter). (Aside) “Wow, the mountains do turn blue when it gets cold. I thought that was just a gimmick.” (Chokes back another laugh. Fidgets. Is aware that he is losing his audience. Desperately…) “Hey! That reminds me of a story… When I was a kid, we lived in this really old Victorian house in rural Pennsylvania - like the one you see in the ‘Adam’s Family’ or ‘Psycho’, and it had this creepy dug-out cellar, and my brother - we would be playing around like kids do, and yeah! He would, umm, yeah, lock me down there and turn off the lights, and I would like start crying… (Sniffles, and wipes his eyes..) "Ahhh… Good times!” (Wipes his eyes again) “That’s when I got into Ham radio…”

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