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Let's talk the whats, whys and hows of how you end up with a red box at the end of the day.

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We are selling our "older" reflow oven for the low low price of $2000 or a reasonable offer.

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Soldering Competition held April 28th, 2012 Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids, Longmont CO 80501

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We have bags chock full of pick-and-place goodies.

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  • I can't speak to the sale in terms of $$$'s (too early) but I can say that our Shipping team did an incredible job keeping up with the order volume as it came in. We ran some extra hours, had extra hands on deck, and got the job done! Thanks for noticing!

  • I must say, I agree with you guys on this one. A slightly misleading thumbnail...but let me explain!

    That dude in the red shirt is me, at AVC 2016. The event was held at our headquarters in Niwot, CO. At AVC's It is customary for us to give away a lot of free swag and that year we had the grand idea of launching t-shirts off the roof of our building towards the spectators below! The slingshot was a device made by a formal employee of ours. It was actually pretty sturdy. I had a blast sending t-shirts ripping through the air at the (usually aware)crowd. Only a couple close calls... :)

    Sorry no design files or tutorials on that one...

  • Pete you are right about the selective solder speed. Ground pads require a lot more heat transfer in order to get the solder to flow all the way to the top side of the board. A slower path with a large selective solder nozzle would help in a situation like this. Also there is a feature on the selective solder machine that allows the nozzle to "dwell" at a location to really put the heat to it. Though this can be tricky itself. Too much dwell and too much heat and you can literally cook a PTH pad right out from under a PCB.

    It's 50/50 art and science with that machine. We'll look to improve it on the next run!

  • this exists...


  • We get the stencils directly from DEK. http://www.dekpsp.com/psp.nsf/dek/stencils

    We go with the VectorGuard Blue series.

  • This machine hasn't put anybody out of work. It has simply made the work easier for our pick and place operators.

    To be honest, with the addition of this machine, we have discussed the idea of our pick and place operators to become more general "equipment operators". Expanding their roles to include everything automated. Stenciling, PnP, Reflow, Washing, AOI, etc. So if anything, this new arrival has given our staff more work!

  • your last comment is correct, more boards with less error should result in about the same amount of ding and dent as the past.

    Typically errors that result in ding and dent boards are things like PCB manufacturer defects, unsuccessful rework attempts, etc. And the frequency of those issues shouldn't change to much with this new process.

  • Spare Parts Bags will be stocked today!

  • It is judged on speed only. The particular kit being built needs to be 100% functional in order for time to stop. Judges will be monitoring each contestant. A contestant will hand their product to a judge to determine if it is functional, if it is their time is recorded.

    If this is a big success and we do it again in a year or maybe even six months, we might try to incorporate quality as well.

    We will however, be dishing out some side awards for things like: dirtiest board, worst solder joint, safest solderer, most stylish, etc.

  • There will be prizes associated with Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists. Both for the main competition and for the kids' heat. We are in the process of finalizing that right now. Stay tuned to the product page for updates on prizes!

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