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  • Stephb, go to www.gainspan.com and register and it will give you the link to the NDA. Once you complete the NDA, you will have access to all of the programming guides.

  • Yes. You need to update the firmware to version 2.3.1. To do this you will need to sign an NDA with Gainspan and then they will give you the current 2.3.1 firmware.

  • I just connected the Gainspan to a Netduino Plus. Since the Netduino is pin-compatible with the Arduino, you should be able to do this with the Arduino too.
    The connections you need are:
    1. 3.3V on the Gainspan to 3.3V on the Netduino
    2. Gnd on the Gainspan to Gnd on the Netduino
    3. Tx0 on the Gainspan to D0 on the Netduino
    4. Rx0 on the Gainspan to D1 on the Netduino
    Check the Command Set document. It is very easy to communicate with it via the UART connection. Now I just need to figure out the WiFi side of it.

  • No, neither of the LED's will not indicate power on. I just connected my new Gainspan board to a Netduino Plus. I sent an "AT" command to it and it responded with the string "OK", which means the module is transmitting and receiving fine.

  • I just got one in the mail. I'm working on integrating it with a Netduino. The connections should be similar for an Arduino. I'll post an update once I have it working.

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