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  • Nope. There are two fully isolated circuits connected by a relay. The "game" side is connected to the 4-AA battery source. When the player connects the circuit (with their right hand), then it activates the relay. The relay connects the 2-D batteries to the bug zapper which releases the charge to the left hand. The big-old knife switch is a highly visible break in the positive side of the D-battery power source to the relay (and ultimately to the bug zapper).

  • Nope. All the high voltage passes between two wires on the handle for the left hand. Not trying to kill anyone here...just cause slight discomfort.

  • I was inspired to do a build of this project as a carnival game for a neighborhood party. Version 1.0 had the victim stand on two copper traces which would deliver the zap. Unfortunately, the soles of your feet are pretty tough, and couldn't even feel the ~850V. Version 1.1 involved holding a handle with your left hand while trying to do the puzzle with your right. This worked great.

    Behold, The Shocker

  • The instructions said to use an awl to make a small hole in the tubing. These DIY kits can be so damn hard sometimes.....

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