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  • News - Enginursday: Yeah, I foun… | about 2 months ago

    I’m kind of a wood guy, so I would probably find out some way to put it on a portable sawmill. Whackin and Stackin!

  • News - New Product Friday: The S… | about 2 months ago

    Speaking of carbon fiber, I have always thought carbon fiber arrow shafts would make some nifty lightweight frame beams. Maybe actobotics could carry angle couplers and splices for arrow shafts?

  • News - Your SparkFun January Cap… | about 3 months ago

    With a low quality picture it looks like the dude in the background is playing a harmonica… I tried to come up with something based on that, but I got nothin.

  • News - December Caption Contest … | about 4 months ago

    I just checked and you don’t have enough scrap boards. Ok. Send me one Raspberry pi model b to give to my brother in law, then put two scrap boards in every order til you run out, then just put a pro mini in the next few orders until the $100 is used up. P.S. You guys are awesome!!! (And gals!!!)

  • News - December Caption Contest … | about 4 months ago

    The winning caption was “New product friday: acid” and instead of giving me $100 credit, how about putting two scrap boards in the next 200 orders? Maybe some peoples wifes will get fancy earings. Christmas is about giving after all isnt it?

  • News - December Caption Contest | about 4 months ago

    New product Friday: Acid

  • News - Cyber Monday 2013 Recap | about 5 months ago

    How about offering a “gift sale” or something along those lines. You could offer sales on certain beginners kits (like the SIK) and the buyers would go by the honor system that they will give them as gifts. I Participated in the cyber Monday sales and got the SIK for around $56 if I remember right. This is the perfect gift amount for people in my family and it starts more people on the SparkFun/Arduino addiction. I got three SIKs to give as gifts. Mainly because I live in an electronics black hole (Arkansas) and theres nobody to talk to about Arduino projects… Heck, I don’t think anybody around here even knows what an Arduino is… except my wife… She’s tired of hearing about it.

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