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  • Ok, after a little research, it’s virtually impossible to do the scanner as a power button since it would need a separate always-on micro-controller, and I was told I’d need a computer engineer or hardware engineer to even design and program it. Next idea, how about rigging this to just work as a logon for Windows? I’ve been looking at pre-assembled USB scanners out there, and most get bad reviews, except the corporate level $500+ ones. What all would I need to do to get this working in my PC? Is anyone experienced in this and able to help?

  • I am new to this whole area, but learn quickly and have some great ideas. One specifically was using a device like this, a fingerprint scanner, to replace the power button on a PC case mod I am working on. Would it be possible to do this? I’ve been told it can work, but no successful attempts out there to reference :\

    Any ideas?

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