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  • What is the approximate response time of this device? I would like to use one of these to measure the force applied to a piano key, in order to find out how much force is necessary to play the key softly, medium and loud. On a piano the initial velocity of the strike is what determines the loudness of the note. This strike probably happens within about 50ms - could this transducer faithfully measure forces on this time scale?

  • The LS20031 has a "Built-in micro battery to preserve system data for rapid satellite acquisition". What charges the battery? (is it charged from Vcc?) What happens when/if it goes flat?

  • I would like to connect a LS20031 (3.3V levels) directly to the RS232 serial port on my PC (then I can directly see the data by running a comms program in the PC). Is there a converter gadget available to do this? Does Sparkfun sell such a gadget?
    I would also like to connect the LS20031 to a USB port (for use with a laptop that has no RS232 serial port) -- is there a converter available for this, and does Sparkfun sell it? Does it come with software to allow serial comms programs to operate via the USB port?

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