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  • These packages are really distracting. I shiver to see this...the clam shells give the feeling of closed corporation culture..just the extra steps to get to good components. Hopefully, we don't see them regularly.

  • Thanks Wakkow! I am blind!

  • Anyone have any ideas how fast this relay can be switched? Max. frequency of ON/OFF. I tried looking at the specs, but for the likes of me could not find any numbers..or am I just blind. Any help appreciated!

  • Great product! My first bluetooth wireless project and this module works out of the box like a charm. Did not have to worry about anything apart from brewing the late night coffee. Just had to make sure to connect the RTS and CTS pins (or short them together) as the default is in hardware control mode (my arduino was programmed for no hardware control). HyperTerm is a bit weird as I had to use '$$$$$$' instead of '$$$' to get it in command mode, but after that things worked out fine. Bought the mini-bluetooth dongle with this module and love it!

  • There is also another company called Pixel qi that seems to be offering a new technology (Eink + color+ option to turn lcd on/off). It would be great to get their products on SFE.
    (The website does not provide much info, but maybe the sales rep will do some talking)

  • Very useful tutorial. I was thinking of implementing some wireless in a project and was so confused with all the different possibilities. This tutorial is a really nice introduction. Thanks for posting.

  • That was really nice tutorial. I have a bachelors in engineering and have not used electronic circuits in a while, so it really helped refresh a lot of things. Thanks for doing that.

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