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  • Oh and of course an actual schematic of the whole thing would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello EARTHLCD, glad to see you’re responding to comments.

    I’m considering using the ezLCD-301 for a couple research projects, but I’m still hesitant due to a lack of documentation on its technical specifications. In particular I haven’t found any info on its power consumption (All I see is that it requires 3.3V, but nothing on how much current it draws, and how that depends on backlight setting, or other power saving features) and mechanical drawings (in particular where is the I/O header located relative to the mounting holes. I want to have the LCD dock directly with a PCB, so I’ll need to know this precisely).

    I’m glad that you’ve updated documentation on the protocol side of things, but without knowing these essentials beforehand I can’t really make a commitment.

    Thank you!

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