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  • Am I correct in understanding that all this board needs is a FTDI connector and you can program it directly from your PC with the code examples? I want to establish for sure that there is no need for an adruino board since an at-mega chip is built on board and that there is no other items needed other than power and a on/off switch once it is programed.

  • Ok, tried Bill Porters Libraries tonight with this board. Just flat out AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I'll be ordering up another one or two of these very soon! BTW, after programming the UNO with the basic File Player example in the IDE I unplugged the USB cable, and plugged in a battery pack to the UNO. Then I attached my SparkFun RN-XN WiFi device that was plugged into the SparkFun XBEE Explorer Regulated breakout board to the MP3 Shield on D0 & D1 and had full wireless access to play all of the tracks on my SD card.

  • Well, I am new to this stuff.... It took me days to just get a serial connection going. For you other newbies, if you are looking to just start off with a simple serial connection go to the Sparkfun forum and see this post.

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