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  • from This Code.,.,. where code to change measurement Range (G)

    define GYRO 0x68 // gyro I2C address

    define REG_GYRO_X 0x1D // IMU-3000 Register address for GYRO_XOUT_H

    define ACCEL 0x53 // Accel I2c Address

    define ADXL345_POWER_CTL 0x2D

    byte buffer[12]; // Array to store ADC values int gyro_x; int gyro_y; int gyro_z; int accel_x; int accel_y; int accel_z; int i;


    void setup() { Serial.begin(9600);

    // Set Gyro settings
    // Sample Rate 1kHz, Filter Bandwidth 42Hz, Gyro Range 500 d/s 
    writeTo(GYRO, 0x16, 0x0B);       
    //set accel register data address
    writeTo(GYRO, 0x18, 0x32);     
    // set accel i2c slave address
    writeTo(GYRO, 0x14, ACCEL);     
    // Set passthrough mode to Accel so we can turn it on
    writeTo(GYRO, 0x3D, 0x08);     
    // set accel power control to 'measure'
    writeTo(ACCEL, ADXL345_POWER_CTL, 8);     
    //cancel pass through to accel, gyro will now read accel for us   
    writeTo(GYRO, 0x3D, 0x28);    


    // Write a value to address register on device void writeTo(int device, byte address, byte val) { Wire.beginTransmission(device); // start transmission to device Wire.send(address); // send register address Wire.send(val); // send value to write Wire.endTransmission(); // end transmission }

    void loop() { // Read the Gyro X, Y and Z and Accel X, Y and Z all through the gyro

    // First set the register start address for X on Gyro  
    Wire.send(REG_GYRO_X); //Register Address GYRO_XOUT_H
    // New read the 12 data bytes
    Wire.requestFrom(GYRO,12); // Read 12 bytes
    i = 0;
        buffer[i] = Wire.receive();
    //Combine bytes into integers
    // Gyro format is MSB first
    gyro_x = buffer[0] 
  • Do you can help me how to change Measurement Range (g) from that arduino sketch.,.,.,.,. change range from +-2G , +-4G , +-6G ,+-8G, +-16G.,.,.,. please help me.,.,.,

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