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  • Problem: Spurious banning. You could wind up absolutely blacklisted because your password was guessed/discovered/cracked; you forgot to logout and someone tooled with your account; a pissy moderator just doesn't like your name/political stance/preference of Star Wars over Star Trek. I like the ease of use and accountability. I hate the potential for abuse.

  • Personally, if it would help the S&H people and save me the shipping costs, I'd be more than willing to wait a week for stuff to ship in this kind of situation. Hell, give the people in S&H the day off, even, and declare no shipments will go out until Tuesday. It would also give THEM a chance to participate in CyberMonday sales! Win-win-win! ;)

    (This being Sunday night, yeah, I don't see it happening, but hey...)

  • I have to say: I LOVE the red boxes as walls.

    One of my favorite things (and is this really weird or am I OK?) about getting a SparkFun order is the boxes.

  • Somehow, I knew before reading comments that people would complain about the use of Twitter..

    Seriously folks, if you want the 10-25% discount, take 2 minutes, create a profile, use it for the week, then gasp don't use it again. I created an account years ago so I could keep family up-to-date while traveling long distances. I've rarely used it since, but it's useful in situations like this. It takes more effort to gripe than to use it.

  • 8 years is a hell of a fad..

  • Curses!! I live some 2.5hrs away from Burlington, and only just now (24hrs after registration closed) learned of this. Mutter mutter..

  • What specific uses are there for the various temperatures? Do some applications work best with different temperatures? I dig this unit, but not sure why I would need variable temperature control, especially if 350C is recommended. (Why not just get a 25W or somesuch non-variable unit?)

  • You may want to update the graphic on the front page that still offers free shipping on $60 orders. ;)

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