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  • How do I get the pro mini bootloader hex file that is used to program a 328p to act as a pro mini? Can't find this file anywhere.

  • The commands are definitely in hexadecimal. Make sure that you are sending them out as such. For example 56 on the datasheet is 56 in hexadecimal or 0x56.

  • For anyone looking for this chip with the Arduino Bootloader already installed they can be found in my store:

    This chip can be fairly difficult to get with the bootloader already installed but I offer them for a fair price with the bootloader pre-installed.

  • I sell this chip with the Arduino Bootloader already installed on my tindie store for a quarter more:

  • P=oeAT^4 is a thermodynamics equation that can be applied to tell how high the radiating temperature of the surface will be for a given power.This equation can not be applied to conduction or convection however. Running tests on this to create a graph is not a bad idea and is a very good way of predicting what the temperature would be at any given power dissipation

  • How do you guys end up burning the bootloader onto these chips? Is it through the Arduino compiler or through Atmel Studio? Also do you program it with the Arduino as an ISP or do you use the AVR ISP MKII programmer?

  • agreed.

  • Should be able to use a pull-down resistor as well.

  • Unfortunately Jacket insulation around the sensor can't stand up to repeated strain above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Seems stupid these things can report back temperatures greater than what the insulating material is rated for. Useless for my application unfortunately.

  • You don't need an antenna as there is already a trace antenna on board. You will just have increased range if you opt for the external antenna.

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