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  • Brennen for pres. I've seen Brennen pull some startlingly quick updates and implementations out of his hat so quickly that mere mortals drop their jaws. I figure, mistakes and all, you're still top notch.

  • What a superb read Nate. A heartfelt thanks from me. Reading this felt like a blueprint for how MindKits was built too. I hope you don't mind me adding to your list but I feel 10) Money follows passion. Passion does not follow money. If you take care of the passion and be vulnerable in letting people see what drives you, then they will want to be part of what you're creating and build it with you.

  • Ok, so who b0rked the supply chain? It all seems a little beyond laughable to launch a shiny new product and not have supplies for this long. I'm looking at you Arduino. Happy to be a patient customer but some info to help set expectations would go a long way here dear SparkFun.

  • Tim from MindKits here. For what it's worth, that photo was taken at 4:30am after doing an all nighter to get a robotic helium blimp finished (Uber Blimp). I look tired and the beer on my desk wasn't helping. Those are the thrusters I was working on btw @tiagofumo. :)

  • Would love a continuous rotation version of this or a tutorial on converting them to continuous rotation. What are our chances of seeing this happen?

  • Hello from New Zealand where I shall be thinking of you and the snow as I return from my swim at the beach where its just hit the peak of summer. Must be time for a cold beer.

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