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  • Never mind. I'm an idiot, and an internet search about microphone bias is your friend if your like me and don't know what your doing.

  • Question for anyone that's played with one of these, how do you connect a microphone from a standard phone headset through a TRRS connector? I have tried hooking up MIC_RP to the sleeve, with MIC_RN to Ring 2, MIC_LP -> S MIC_LN -> R2; MIC_RP & MIC_LP -> S, MIC_RN & MIC_LN -> R2, and nothing seems to work. I can hear audio just fine, but nothing goes through the mic. Am I missing an amplifier or do I have to do something with MIC_BIAS_A? I have FORCE_ANALOG_MIC set to ON, but still nothing. I realize that I have probably bit off more than I can chew with this, but any help is appreciated.