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  • How are you supposed to put this together? One of the pieces I was given doesn't even fit the base board (I'm guessing it's one of those "oversized" ones that keeps getting mentioned), and there is no way that I can tell for attaching the alligator clips to it. I also did not recieve any of these 4x silicon bumpers.

    Between the missing pieces, the wrong pieces, and the lack of instructions I'm very disappointed in this product. It looked really cool, but the version I got at least seems completely unusable.

    Edit: Figured out that you have to snap the end pieces off. I was really worried about breaking something, especially since there were no instructions. It may not be a bad idea to ship these with the nozzle tubes off.

    Further Edit: Okay, this thing is impossible. I don't know if I just got a really messed up hose or what, but I'm about to put this damn thing through a window. It's next to impossible to put the nozzles back on the house once you take them off, but that's the only way to screw the alligator clips in. Multiple people in my house have tried, but the thing will not go back together. Between the lack of quality control (missing parts, wrong parts) and difficult assembly I would strongly push people away from this product, despite how cool it looks in principle.

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