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  • See the comment at the top about windows 8, that is what I had to do to get any progress in windows.

  • I never got it to work. I ended up having to move to a windows machine.

  • For anyone working with windows 8/8.1 here is how I got it to work:

    1. Enable installation of unsigned drivers: 8.1 or 8
    2. Once signing is disabled uninstall and re-install the arduino IDE (version 1.0.5)
    3. Open device manager
    4. Get the windows drivers from the tutorial
    5. Reset the board twice quick succession as described under Reset Bootloader
    6. Notice the windows sound signalling a new device being recognized. The new device should show up in device manager with the orange triangle as the pro micro.
    7. Install the driver as described in the tutorial for windows installation for this new device that showed up. I had to reset the board a couple of times during navigation to the driver and then just as I was clicking the button to install the driver. It finished before I heard the sound signalling removal of a device.
    8. Upload sketches to the regular com port that is under device manager, and during upload the pro micro will show up briefly in device manager with the driver you just installed, and disappear, and the sketch should work.

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