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  • Product KIT-11042 | last month

    I would be worried about the safety issues with that. It’s very counter-intuitive when someone inexperienced has a board that “work” (meaning the relay isn’t interrupting the circuit) when the power to it is OFF, and I could see people getting hurt with that.

  • Product KIT-11042 | last month

    Are you sure your transistor is oriented right? It should only require a few mA to open the transistor on this board. It sounds like there is an assembly problem.

  • Product KIT-11042 | last month

    Updated: I see what is going on here. The relay is drawing the current directly from the 5v bus. You still need the amp to close the relay, but it’s not coming through the arduino, it’s right off the 5v. You’re never going to get more than 5 amps from USB. You need a bigger power supply, like a beefy transformer.

    This begs a bigger question, though – what are you doing with these 14 mains level relays? If you are trying to run 14 things off of one household circuit, the “you’re gonna have a bad time” times are just starting. Don’t burn your house down.

  • News - Promoting Science When th… | about 7 months ago

    As one of the early posters (maybe the earliest) I want to say my intent was to STOP the discussion, not start it. My whole point was that neither side belongs in this hallowed place, where science and electrons should rule, NOT political issues.

  • News - Promoting Science When th… | about 7 months ago

    I could certainly do with more tech and less pimping unpopular government boondoggles.

    Charity work is fine. Dumping on the political beliefs of half your customers is cheap.

  • Tutorial - Tweeting Kegerator | about 5 years ago

    How about a spring and a linear pot instead of a force sensor? If all you are looking for is a percentage, you really don’t need it down to the ounce.

  • News - Tweeting Kegerator | about 5 years ago

    Talk about confused… I thought I was looking at a parts list for the kegerator. “How exactly do they need a gyro for that again?”

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