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  • Product COM-08357 | last year

    OK thanks, basically I want to protect against short circuits in a power supply.

  • Product COM-08357 | last year

    I noticed this type of fuse has 2 amp ratings, “hold” and “trip”. Which one is used to determine when the fuse stops/reduces current?? I would assume the “trip” one would be the right one but after some goggling I’m not so sure. This is how I understand the 2 ratings, correct me if i’m wrong,the “hold” rating is when the fuse starts to increase resistance and the “trip” is when it has completely stopped.

    So say I want to protect a 2A circuit which rating should i go by??

  • News - Use Your Free Day Credit! | about 3 years ago

    How do you know how much Free Day credit you have?
    I missed Free day and would like to take advantage of the 18 days left.

  • Product TOL-09544 | about 4 years ago

    Be warned the IDC header is facing the wrong way the notch on the shroud should be facing into the BP not outwards.
    Your probe cable will be backwards and you pin/color codes will be too.
    I bought my probes form adafruit which uses the seeedstudio/dangersprotptypes standard.
    SparkFuns version does not use this standard.
    SF should remove the shroud and just use bare headers.
    Just thought you should know.

  • Tutorial - Beginning Embedded Electronics - 3 | about 4 years ago

    I’m sorry but that fuse calculator you link to is extremely confusing.
    I don’t see Ext Osc 16Mhz listed.
    Iv'e tried setting manually but I get completely different hex values than the tutorial gives.
    The low fuse should be 11100110, correct?
    But that gives a low fuse hex of 0x19.
    Could some one link a resource or something on how to use that calculator.
    I’m sooo lost.

  • Tutorial - Using GitHub with Windows | about 4 years ago

    TortoiseGit and msysGit don’t seem to play well together.
    At least on WinXP. I like to know how the heck you got them to work, cause I’m having all kinds of problems.
    TortioseGit can’t seem to locate msysgit.exe even when i set the path in the settings.
    Doing git.exe in the cmd line returns “Can’t locate libiconv2.dll” :(

  • News - And In Other News | about 4 years ago

    I think you heard the rumor backwards.
    It’s SparkFun buys RadioShack. :)

  • Product COM-08698 | about 4 years ago

    Feel I must do a bit of recanting.
    After several re-boots the card is now working under
    my Ubuntu box.
    Why it took several re-boots I can’t say. however i’m still disappointed that it doesn’t take XD cards.
    I suggest you remove XD from the supports section.
    The reader I received is a translucent sort of green color, It has NO XD slot.
    Unless SFE meant microXD. In any case you should change the description.

  • Product COM-08698 | about 4 years ago

    It’s a freaking paper weight.
    Doesn’t work under linux, not using a hub, plugged
    directly into PC.
    Doesn’t take XD cards, even though the description says it does.
    Don’t waste your money,linux users anyway.
    Windows users may have better luck.
    Very disappointed.

  • Product DEV-00029 | about 4 years ago

    Has anyone been able to fit a zif socket on this board?
    It seems the jumper and resonator would be in the way.
    Also is this board compatible with the atmega 168 and 328?
    Was thinking of using this board upload boot-loaders into
    bare atmega chps.

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