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  • I'm trying to use the function Log_init for writing other files and it doesn't work. The file is created, but it's blank. The code I use is:
    fd = root_open_new("LOGCON.txt");
    strcpy(stringBuf,"the text\n\r");
    stringSize = strlen(stringBuf);
    fat16_write_file(fd, (unsigned char*)stringBuf, stringSize);
    Thanks for some help

  • I checked up the KinetaMap and I could check it was not an interrupt problem. I'm using the EFSL library and when I run my project from address 0 (without this bootloader), the filesystem works. When using the bootloader and the application starts at address 10000, when we run the initialization of the sd card (send 100 times a reset command),there is no response from the card.I guess that it has to be related to that the filesystem initialization has already been done by the booloader.

  • I've tried this led-on application and it works great. But I've tried a more complicated one, with interrupts enabled. And those interrupts are not serviced. I guess that the IVT (interrupt table) is not redirected to the position 0x10000, where the application code starts.
    The question is...how can I use interrupts in the application?

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