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  • Freeze! Give me all your AA batteries and no one gets hertz!

  • It’s been slow for new products the past couple months. Not just at Sparkfun, but at my other favorite vendors as well. I hope you guys have some exciting stuff coming up soon!

  • Ahhhhh, classic Nick.

  • I just noticed that a dead short through the box is possible if all switches are in the zero position. I could see this being an issue if someone hookups it up and turns on the power intending to set the value afterward, and has no other current limiting resistors in the circuit. User error for sure, but you still might want to make a note in the hookup guide.

    By the way, critiques aside, thanks to the designer for making this. I’m looking forward to receiving mine. I think with some tweaks it will present very good value and functionality at the price point. And the red PCB with the rotary switches is almost too cool to hide in a box. I will be modifying mine with SMD resistors, I’ll “report back” if it works out well.

  • Not true. And even if you do need to put some power through the thing, merely stepping up to 1206 SMD resistors would give you the same power rating as the through hole resistors currently used in the kit.

  • It says in the hookup guide that they are 1%.

  • Nice kit! How about doing a run with SMD resistors instead of PTH? Maybe the SMD kits don’t sell as well, but 0805s would be SO much cleaner and nicer looking on that board.

  • Oscillators would be great Pete. How about a Pierce oscillator, show how to drive a crystal? Or maybe the classic Wien bridge oscillator. Make a fast one in the MHz range and you can talk about op amp selection to boot (slew rate, etc).

  • I miss Rob’s beard.

  • “Voting Logic” makes me think of the Magi computers in the Evangelion anime series. I’m trying really hard right now to formulate a project using this in my head. Three ATMEGAs implementing a voting system to accomplish tasks, but what would be the source of interference?? Something more earthly than cosmic radiation. Hmm….

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