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  • I'm really not sure what to make of this blog post. Are you ragging on Adafruit? Their "news regurgitation" is the only coherent article I've found on this SparkX thing so far. And trust me. Many, many people are building things with Adafruit products every day. AND buying them at a good price. AND receiving support for them. This whole underdog, "Product 0" mentality means little to average consumers that need to buy usable components that work and are supported by a reputable company.

    From what I can tell, based on the past few months of "new products" posts, the remaining entity that is Sparkfun is riding it's current catalog of products and no long designing new, innovative boards. Now there's this SparkX thing which seems to be reminiscent of a garage business selling products with no support, yet they are distributed through the Sparkfun storefront. It all seems really sloppy and I'd love some clarification on what's going on. If there's some kind of internal split between personnel then maybe you should sell your "SparkX" products under new branding and a new LLC instead of siphoning off of the Sparkfun name and confusing customers.

  • A DIP IC makes absolutely no sense for a compact design like this.

  • Why is there a stigma against pink? It's not like there's a sign that says "Boys get the black product and girls get the pink product"... It's available in three colors. Buy the one you like and stop typing to politicize or otherwise project personal hangups onto a dang breadboard.

    As soon as I saw the product announcement I knew I would find comments like this. You can't make anyone happy these days.

  • Did someone in the engineering department verify that this module is safe and actually capable of delivering 1A at 5V? Before purchasing bought 250+ of them? I bet not. The lack of UL certification and the price point says a lot...

  • In the same week you released this LED array board, Adafruit released a series of 9x16 LED arrays, available in multiple colors, for $3 less. They also have an optional driver board for $6 and FAR better code support than what is presented here. It's very unfair to make this comparison I know, but sometimes the truth hurts. I haven't seen any exciting new products from Sparkfun in months. It's like the "spark" to innovate is gone and you all are just skating along on your current catalog. This is very sad to me, I miss checking out new products every Friday and making an order for the following weekend's projects.

    So what happened? What changed behind the scenes?

    Notice that engagement on your blog posts has dropped to almost zero, except for the "controversial" ones or giveaways. Perhaps others feel the same way I do. I post this in the hopes that the old, exciting Sparkfun can come back some day. :)

  • Were you going for a Pro Mini with a Li-Po connection or a USB stick? i'm confused. Because SURELY your engineers would design a USB stick around the 32U4 with USB built in, designed to operate on 5V USB, with a much cheaper BOM.

  • Have you done a cost-benefit analysis on this? I take it you have done the math, and that accounting for every resistor in the building makes up for the lost day of productivity, and all of the stuff that gets damaged or misplaced while being handled and manually counted.

  • Yeah that third Monday of every January is really tricky. It just appears out of nowhere!

  • You will be shipping on MLK day?

  • Hey baby, let me Spark some Fun into your life.

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