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  • The datasheet for this product says:

    "The microUSB makes an easy USB-Serial interface, so you can easily create USB to RS-232 converters, USB to RS-422/RS-485 converters, upgrade legacy RS232 devices, make PDA and cellphone USB interface cables, barcode readers, POS terminals, etc."

    ... so from that I infer "yes".

  • Thank you Toni. I did find the page on 4D just now, along with the related datasheet. Apparently this is the preferred method to use now, except with two specific LCD screens that it mechanically won't fit on. The uLCD-28PT and the uLCD-32PT.

    Information is currently at http://www.4dsystems.com.au/product/17/115/Accessories/uUSB_PA5/.

  • To the point, is this a safe way to program the 4D display modules? I know the modules indicate they should NOT be programmed with an FTDI Breakout, and to use the special cable from 4D, but I don't see that as being available on here, so I purchased one of these instead. I don't want to let the magic smoke out of the display unit or brick it, so I'm hoping someone can clear that up unequivocally?

  • Sooo.... does this thing come with the required cable, or not? Some of the other 4D displays at least have a picture of "a" cable in the listing, but I don't know that it's the "required" one or not... and a search here for 4D cable does not turn up anything that looks useful?

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