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  • I don't see a UL (or CE) certified marker on the case. Has any teardown been done to see if the proper safety design features like fuses and isolation of AC components/traces from the output? I love me some cheap supplies, but I value having safe AC adapters (and non-flaming wall sockets) more.

  • I know it was released under the CC license (non-commercial usage), but I'd gladly pay $30 or so for this if sparkfun sold it.

  • The 32.768 Khz crystal is for an internal real time clock (RTC).
    Give sparkfun a break on the pricing. That micro is almost $6 in 100 unit quantities from Digikey. They are selling you a unit ready to program. You didn't have to tune the RF section or learn how to reliably solder a 0.5mm pitch QFN.
    Being the cheap bastard that I am, I decided to make my own RF boards based upon the this same chip when it was announced last fall. If I could just get working on making kapton stencil, I could solder the puppies down and start slinging some code.
    As a side note, the Contiki OS should run on this chip with a little modification. Contiki did the heavy lifting and already ported their OS over to the Atmel Ravens boards (which were basically a 2 chip precursor to this chip). IPv6 over wireless ! You could get a Raven USB stick to bridge from a computer to this board.

  • Anyone know where I could get a prepaid SIM card in the USA that can do data and not just voice? I really can't justify a $30/month data plan for a vehicle GPS tracking/theft recovery system. I could justify making one with a pre-paid SIM, though.

  • Pogo pins rock! Why place a huge 0.1" 6 pin ISP header on your 1"x1" sensor board when you can place 6 pads and use pogo pins to program your atmega.

  • Yea, I was also able to pry off the end cap and string several blocks together to make a 24 pin and 30 pin terminal block. Just be careful. I snapped some of the pins that hold the end cap off by prying to hard. Here is a pic of the final parts soldered on my board.

  • The example stepper motor control link is broken. Anyone know where it went to?

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