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  • I agree with the need for Bluetooth. The whole point of a cell phone is the lack of wires.
    BTW I am using a LG Optimus S with V2.2.2 with reasonable success. Some bugs are present in the demo that are mainly a result of the simple app.

  • Why not give them out as conciliation prizes for anyone that didn?t get their $100 freebies in January?
    If yours works you get a $1000 spree. Never mind? since it?s a sucker bet make it a $1E6 spree.

  • I like the bread board power supply for getting projects up quick. It would be great if you also made a second power supply kit that had 3.3V and 5V outputs for imbedded use. One example is running a serial backpack LCD at 5V and Xbee at 3V. Logic and voltage complicate an easy project, fortunately your serial shifter makes quick work of the logic.

  • When will the Arduino Web Pages be up again?

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