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  • How does this work? It suggests it's a pressure sensor so my assumption would be that you screw it in to the bottom of a tank and it has a 0.5-4.5V output based on the pressure from the liquid level. So if you know the density of your liquid you can calculate the level. One of the applications suggested in the datasheet is for RV holding tanks, which is the application I'm trying to build, but the information is sparse on how best to implement it. Or I guess you could install it in the side of the tank near the bottom. Just trying to drag up my high school physics memory. :)

  • I think it's a testament to both Adafruit and the US Treasury that both items survived being blown up midair without so much as a mark on them!

  • I would continue to build upon my reputation .... :D

  • Received my panels today. Just a couple of comments, (not complaints!). Why two ribbon cables? Only one is needed, even if daisy chaining. The distance between the two power connectors on the power cable is just a little too short to connect two panels using the same cable. It's one of those cases when an extra inch makes all the difference. Other than that not much else to say. They're pretty much as you'd expect and work just like advertised. :D I do have a couple of 16x32 panels from Adafruit and the only real difference that I can see is that the horizontal ribs between each row of LEDs are significantly raised on the panels Adafruit supplied me, where as these from Sparkfun are barely above the face of the LED, (which is actually better for my application).

  • Here's a backpack kit for a 16x32 panel which is basically just an ATmega328 and can be programmed using the Arduino IDE:


  • They're back in, and before the 12th! Woo hoo!! :D

  • Now says Feb 12th. :( Maybe March?

  • Glad to find this! I have one of these running a Game of Life on my desk right now. Didn't know Sparkfun were selling them now. And at such good prices. I'll be buying more just as soon as they're in so I can expand my display!

  • I'm giving up. While I appreciate that this is free money and the intent is for Sparkfun to load their servers, this just doesn't make me want to participate. I'd much rather try and answer 10 questions with the knowledge that the connection could be intermitant and I might only end up with $10 instead of $100, than spend my time typing garbage in the blind hope that I get lucky somehow. And add to that that there seems to be no way to know if your responses to the Captcha are actually correct. I can get the same response for an unsuccessful try even if there are clearly letters missing.

    Roll on Free Day 2013.

  • Hmmm. Maybe we need a regular Tuesday Old Products You Didn't Know/Have Forgotten We Had Post. :)
    Luckily for my poor memory you've implemented the Wish Lists. Every time I come across something I think will be useful for upcoming projects I just stick one in a Wish List to remind me. So now I have these saved too.

No public wish lists :(