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  • Lucky for me my LCD happened to have other unexplainable problems by Sparkfun’s tech support. They offered me a new LCD so I will be getting the white on black version. Sparkfun’s techsupport and customer service are the best I have ever experienced!

  • Sparkfun tech support was super helpful, no complaints there, however if you can get the LCD this bright then it is your lucky day because my product is barely readable :( Might try the white on black LCD?

  • Sorry Sparkfun but I just can’t recommend this product. I tried everything to no avail, bought an AVRISP mkII and it worked flawlessly first time :)

  • Pin 5 IS connected. I opened up my programmer and it IS connected on the board. You also have to pull the reset high during programming.
    My programmer seems to be dead on arrival as I get nothing out of the SCK MOSI MISO lines. I will be making a different one today to see if it this programmer truly is crappy.

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