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  • The MAX7314 chips are between 230-244 mil from pin to pin and 150-157 mil body width. When I attempted to solder them to this board I discovered that I could only solder down one side of the chip, the other side would not reach. Its a bummer because the old green SSOP breakouts (that had the rotated chip placement) worked like a champ! I've emailed customer service about the issue so hopefully they can fix it in a new revision.
    Heres a picture of the situation taken with my iPhone and a jewelers loupe. http://imgur.com/uT5GG

  • For a moment I was suspicious as to what you were doing with an ovipositor...

  • I got shut out last year, so I took my loyalty money and ran. $20 bucks is better than a kick in the nuts!
    The rage in these comments is hilarious, especially from those who opted for the RISK.

  • I completed a similar project for our 8500 sq foot datacenter in the spring of last year but were upgrading from T8 ballasts to the 'new hotness' T5 fixtures. I had the advantage of having a working relationship with Platt who provided all of our fixtures to begin with. They helped me get the ballasts we needed, but the 'tombstones' weren't included. T5 tombstones are smaller than T8 so we cannibalized them from kits designed to be used upgrade a different manufacturers fixtures.
    I agree that the actual wiring should be done by a qualified electrician. We saved a bit of money by removing all of the old ballasts (we know our grid and how to ensure its off) and installed the new ones, but left the actual wiring to the pros.
    If you're a commercial property I highly recommend checking with an electrical parts supplier such as Platt before you get started. They were invaluable in helping us track down exactly what we needed for this project, and had a lot of advice on getting efficiency credits from the power company to boot.

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