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  • I know this is a reply to a 2yr old post but wouldn’t we want parallel vs series? capacitance adds in parallel not series. And with the voltage… you would just want a voltage rating at least as high as what is being supplied.. so if you have a 9v power supply then you would probably get at least a 10v rated cap. It’s the Farads that you want as high as possible I think right? The greater the farad the greater the ability to supply enough current over time I think.

  • I don’t have the SM5100 but have been messing with the seeedstudio sim900 cell board on an arduino uno. It also is very fussy. On usb from computer power it doesn’t have enough power to transmit. when using the lipo rider pro or the energy shield and a 3.7v 3000mAh battery it did seem to work. I ran the energy shield and batt with the sim900 for about two days transmitting every 10min until it failed to transmit due to batt empty. I haven’t tried the lipo rider pro through arduino USB though for a long period of time. I guess Im not sure if the header based connection of the energy shield is different than plugging the lipo rider into the usb on the arduino to power. Like does the energy shield supply directly to 5v pin or to the usb? Yea if I was smarter I would do some more testing there. BUT… it does seem that there is a problem with different solutions supplying enough power. And until reading your post I had thought it was just “enough power to the cell modem” but now maybe it is that the power drop is effecting the arduino itself on the reset because the cell modem takes so much juice. It seemed that supplying the arduino dc in with at least 9v supply was more stable for powering all the items attached and getting more consistent results. The problem there is obviously that the convenient solar charging boards cant really be used in that case. I had also thought that maybe 10000uF capacitor across the power supplied to arduino from the lipo rider might stabilize the power dips that may be occurring but so far I have not seem the results I would expect. I also don’t have the test equipment to better see what is really happening there.

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