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  • Thanks to the persistent Allison in Tech support I now have a working Copernicus II, my unit was a very old version and it needed to have XSTBY, BOOT, XRST & R2 all tied to VCC. Then it came to life and started sending out NMEA sentences.

    To Toni_K Thanks for your interest. It did indeed turn out to be pin connection changes that were needed.

  • I have an early copernicus II module, but cannot talk to it. I have worked through the tutorial l using a USB breakout set for 3.3v and tried Tera Term on a PC and coolterm on a MAC. In both cases I can connect TX to RX and see stuff I type on the keyboard echoed back to the terminal screen. However when I connect to either TX-B and RX-B or TX-A and RX-A nothing shows on the terminal screen. I have an active antenna connected, I am doing my test setup in side a house so reception will be a bit iffy, but I reckon I should see something. Apologies if this comment should be posted somewhere else.

    Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.


  • Anyone here had experience with Bitscope products? They claim Windows, Linux and Mac versions. they seem competitively priced at around $300.. Peter B.

  • Timz
    What specific products are you making this comparison to?
    Peter B.

  • Any chance we might see a carrier board for this device?

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