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  • I did not find the note about over-powering to be accurate. I'm using a LilyPad Main Board, and my micro LEDs melted the polyester I sewed them onto. With only three lights in parallel (each with its positive terminal connected to a LilyPad pin and its negative connected to ground), the combined current of the three lights at 100% duty cycle overheated the thin stainless thread I used. The circuits measure about 11ohms, so 3.3V drives ~300mA through each light (15x rated capacity). Unless you have very low duty cycle (~5%), you MUST use a current-limiting resistor to prevent material failure.

    Also, Sparkfun, you could solve this problem by offering the current-limiting resistor in its own LilyPad-style packaging for use with multiple micros. Love what you're doing with wearable electronics. Keep it up! :)

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