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Forss Fägerström

Member Since: October 16, 2013

Country: Finland

  • I agree. I cannot quite imagine what would be the application that can cope with a fairly low precision and only a moderate range. Not to mention the ~150USD price tag (with S&H, taxes, customs fees etc.). If, and this is a big if, this thing works underwater, I guess it could be useful for fishermen to (automatically) scan and map the lake bed, rocks, and what not.

    Anyway, for an active/adaptive cruise control and/or collision prevention/warning system, 40 meters is not enough, nor is 60m. However, I reckon a similarly priced or somewhat pricier LIDAR with, say, 1-5m accuracy and max range in the 300-1000+m region would sell like cupcakes.

  • Don't know about this board, but if you want the sensor to be really low, check out BV4241. A bit more expensive, but has a 3V3 regulator. The board measures 16x26mm, and the sensor's holes are less than 5mm from the board edge.

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